We offer a wide range of PA systems for you to hire with or without a sound engineer. We can build custom packages to suit your needs or you can choose from one of the example ones and add on to it if you want to.

Basic Package – X2 speakers with stands, Mixing desk, one microphone and cables

Music Concert Package – X2 speakers with stands, X2 floor monitors, Mixing desk, 2-3 microphones (depending on how many you require) and cables

All Out Package – X4 speakers with stands, X6 floor monitors, Mixing desk, 5+ microphones and cables

These packages go up in price starting from the cheapest to the most expensive. If these packages are not for you ring up and you can speak to one of the team to custom build your package.

On the day if you require a sound engineer you will have to pay extra due to the location of the event and the distance of the event. He will bring extra equipment like microphones and cables if you ned to use these you will have to pay a small fee on the day