Times are difficult for the entertainment industry; because of the pandemic, Shamrock Recording Studio was closed for six months from March to September 2020, but we’re happy to announce to our customers that we are now open for business again, and excited to welcome you back to the studio.

After conducting an extensive risk assessment, we’ve taken a number of measures to protect you including:

  • Isolation between staff and customers
  • Improved cleaning and hygiene
  • Standalone break and brewing facilities
  • Careful scheduling of musicians visiting one household/bubble at a time

Thanks to these measures, musicians are NOT required to wear masks in the live room or break areas. This means you can forget about the virus (for now) and concentrate on your music.

To discuss recording with Shamrock in 2022, please email us at hello@shamrockstudio.co.uk or find Seamus Heffernan or Alex Martindale on Facebook.