The DN410 is widely regarded as among the very best analogue parametric equalisers money can buy. Built to the usual uncompromising KLARK TEKNIK standards, the DN410 is a dual channel, two rackspace device.
It features five filters per channel, and unlike many aparantly similar units, all bands are fully configurable between 20Hz and 20kHz. Each filter offers cut and boost of –25dB and +15dB respectively, with available bandwidth settings of 1/12th to 2 octaves.
Further, the DN410 may be configured (via a front panel switch) to be a single channel of ten filters if required. It is fitted with high and low pass filters for each channel, and signal relays which ensure that audio signal reaches the outputs even in the event of power loss. All filters are individually switched in and out of circuit, plus an overall channel bypass switch is fitted.